Playing Fields & Fieldhouse

Playing Fields

Covering five acres, our well maintained playing fields provide your group with the best in athletic facilities. Because we are a summer sports camp, we take great pride in our fields. They are perfect for soccer teams who are with us for training weekends and for corporate groups who simply want to play a friendly game of softball.


Everyone loves our fieldhouse! Its 17,000 square feet encompasses three regulation basketball courts and is lighted for nighttime use. The fieldhouse’s roof and partial walls protect from the elements, but it still has an open feel with its views of gorgeous green trees.

The fieldhouse provides ample space for all types of activities and groups. It is utilized for basketball tournaments and games, yoga, team building activities, dodgeball games, martial arts training, group initiatives, indoor soccer, and anything else that your group can think of that requires lots of room. It is also a great facility for rainy day activities.

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